Gardening Ideas in Small Spaces Using Planters

You know that you have a lot of ideas on how to put a new spin in your garden or even inside your house and offices. It is a matter of maximizing the space you have and being creative all the time. There are a lot of ways you can make use of every small spaces in your area. Here are the great ways you can make use out of your little space at home and at work. A popular way to garden in small spaces is to use pots and containers. Almost all the plants you can raise on the ground you can also grow in a pot or planters. It’s true! everything from fresh herbs, flowers to shrubs to small trees thrive in these containers. The great part of it is that you can add texture and color and light to any small spaces. Intense shades of color makes any small yard appear larger. Try planting bright colors around the perimeter of your town houses and condos and see how great that looks.

Moreover, you can create a pocket of colors on victorian planters near your patio or deck. Victorian planters are ideal containers to use for this concept. Climbers, fruit bearing plants, trees, perenials, bedding and shrubs are the great plants to use on this container. Window boxes are another great above ground options and they look beautiful and stunning especially outside your home settling on your window sill. You can create a mini garden as you can add different plants on them. Metal window box planters are ideal to use and are cost effective. Aluminum window boxes like these usually offer distinct advantages, including the unique versatility and ultra-lightweight composition. Options are also flexible that you can customize according to taste, personality, flair and style. Just always remember that you have to water them everyday at the hot summer months. But if you do not have enough time, using self watering office planters can be a great way to save time and space.

Elegant in their beauty, these planters bring that sense of calmness and simplicity to interior commercial design space. Built in resorvoirs optimize plant consumption and eliminate the need of regular watering. Thus, it allows more intermittent upkeep as opposed to daily care. Refreshing herbal grasses, friendly Ficus trees and many more live plant varieties can thrive in a self- watering office planter. So there you have it! Just because you have a small space or no yard, it does not mean that you can’t have a garden. You just have to be creative.