Waterstone Kitchen Fixtures And More

Waterstone is a USA owned and operated manufacturer of top-of-the-line kitchen faucets, water dispensers and other kitchen accessories. Waterstone prides itself on its authentic passion for kitchen faucetry, carefully crafting each kitchen accessory with the highest level of care and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Waterstone recognizes the need for perfectly composed and coordinated kitchens ? that?s why they provide complete ?suites? of kitchen faucets, creating a cohesive and stylish look for all of their kitchen accessories. From potfillers, prep faucets, side sprayers and gantries right down to the soap dispenser, Waterstone ensures that each one of its kitchen faucets gracefully compliments its counterparts. Here at , we feature:

Waterstone Faucets: Kitchen fixtures from Waterstone are designed with solid brass or stainless steel construction, 360 degree swivel spouts and above the countertop access for easy servicing and installation.

Waterstone Hot Water Dispensers: These stylish kitchen faucets play the essential role of delivering hot water to your kitchen, melding form and function into a single decorative unit. Hot water dispensers also come coupled with cold water spigots and filtration units,

Waterstone Soap Dispensers: Kitchens with Waterstone soap dispensers have an integrated, sophisticated look. Coordinated soap dispensers clear clutter from your countertop and give your kitchen a professional look and feel.

Waterstone is dedicated to delivering water to your kitchen with the utmost in quality and composure. With a visual appeal and product quality matching luxury class kitchen faucets and a price that rivals the most economical faucetry, Waterstone makes designing a coordinated, efficient kitchen simple and affordable.